Pilot Study finds Mitochondrial Abnormalities, Large Lipid Droplets, Increased Cell Death, using Electron Microscopy

Quotes from Abstract TEM analysis of CD3/CD28-stimulated T cells suggested a significant increase in the levels of apoptotic and necrotic cell death in T cells from ME/CFS patients (over 2-fold). Stimulated T Cells of ME/CFS patients also had higher numbers of swollen mitochondria. We also found a large increase in […]

Peroxisomes, Mitochondria, and Fibrinoid Microclots: Two New Preprints.

Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of myalgic encephalomyelitis is not any feature of the disease which, after all, has been subject to limited investigation, but the deafening non-response of the world’s governments, the American and British governments especially, which is a response against human decency. Nevertheless, in spite of this, […]